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AC Drilling Systems

Britannia are suppliers of AC Drilling Systems based on ABB Digital Controls and Drives

DC Drilling Systems

Complete DC Drilling packages with SCR, Generator and MCC Controls based on the well-established Ross Hill type of SCR control

Drilling Motors

Britannia are able to supply AC and DC motors up to 2000HP for all drilling and rig functions

Zeefax FastTrack

Access our unique service tracking system

Drilling Automation

Britannia supply and engineer complete drilling control, instrumentation and automation packages

SCR Systems - Britannia Petroleum

Britannia Petroleum are manufacturers of AC and DC SCR Drilling SCR systems for onshore and offshore rigs,  and platforms.

Our  DC systems are based on an industry standard design and inherit the dependability, reliability and ease of maintenance of this concept. Our AC systems are built around ABB drive and control technology. Enhanced systems, PLC control and serial links to the Drill Floor are available to reduce rig-uptime for land rigs.

We also have the expertise to source replacements for obsolete spare parts, and re-engineer older systems with new equipment, including adding extra SCR sections for third Mud Pumps or Top Drives, and additional generator sections for additional rig power.

Our people are experienced in the Drilling Industry, mostly having been employed by Hill Graham Controls in England.

We are able to provide training either on-site using your existing equipment, or from our base in London, England. As well as providing in-depth knowledge and support for SCR and generator control systems.

SCR Training Simulator

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T: +44 (0)20 8741 9200 F: +44 (0)20 8741 8780 E: sales@britanniapetroleum.co.uk