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Digital SCR Systems
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Incorporating the best of the old with the new, Britannia's fusion of tried and trusted technology with the best of the latest technologies is a state-of-the-art digital Drilling Control System.

At the heart of the Britannia Digital Drive System is the ABB DCS800, 2000A DC drive module.

This full-featured drive integrates comfortably with our drilling package and incorporates extensive interfacing capabilities, including Probus and Modbus,  for remote monitoring and control. regenerative and dynamic braking are standard options, as is 4-quadrant control. The power module is easily maintained, and can be replaced in it's entirety if necessary.

In a fully specified Britannia Digital Drilling System, all communications to consoles, MCCs and auxiliary switchboards are via serial link which massively reduces installation and cabling costs, as well as providing an interface for remote monitoring and fault-finding. Our engineers can troubleshoot your system from anywhere in the world via the internet with our Remote Data Interface (RDI).

Drillers Console

 DCS800 DC Drive Module

  • Digital SCR drive
  • Digital generator controls
  • PLC control
  • Serial communications
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting

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