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System Upgrades

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System Upgrades

Britannia  has the engineering expertise and experience to design, build and install upgrades to existing systems.

Where additional generating capacity is required, we can conduct a fault level study and examine the feasibility of upgrading a system and follow that up with a modification and manufacturing program to complete the job.

Modern drilling practices demand additional mud pumping capabilities which was not envisioned in older systems. Britannia can revitalise a rig by adding a third Mud Pump and add-on mini console.

We can also conduct a power study on your rig to see where extra capacity can be added, and make recommendations on how this can be achieved.

Typical upgrades are:

  • Additional generator cubicle
  • Third mud pump and mini-console
  • Field supply upgrades
  • Console upgrades to current safety specifications
  • SCR refurbishment
  • ACR Stack, DC Module and Mud Pump Console

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